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"sisters and the plight with boys"

Let the fascinating and thought-provoking world of Destiny Love Jones take you on an intricate journey where blissful fantasy collides with unfortunate reality, and fate and choice oddly intertwine. Uniquely Canadian, this profound coming-of-age narrative begins in the 1940s and '50s in the rural, coastal town of Cliff Harbour, Nova Scotia.


Pearl, Augustine, and Holly are black teens forced to live in the reality of war, segregation, classism, and patriarchy; however, their faith in sisterhood and bond of friendship strengthens and unites them. As they expand their independence as young women, forging their own paths and finding intimate relationships, the predicaments with the men in their lives only seem to exacerbate their situation, and the strength of their friendship and all things they hold sacred is tested to the cusp of utter devastation.


With an impish twist of irony, forward forty years later in the late ’90s, and as fate had once aligned Pearl, Augustine, and Holly’s sisterly bond, so it does with Destiny and her friends Olivia and Tiffany. Although society has progressed since the ’50s, being a black teen girl in modern times continues to present its unique challenges. If the pressures of their fractured home lives and the politics of high school aren’t stressful enough, the trio’s troubles only heighten as they strive to discover themselves, find love, and gain acceptance by those who surround them. Boys of all kinds in the mix only seem to intensify matters as their delicate friendship is continuously challenged beyond their wildest imaginations. Will their sisterly bond be fortified among adversity, or will they be pulled apart like the women of two generations before them? 

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"boys and the calamity with girls"

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